Briefly noted: „Innovation and design, new frontiers for the product“

(March 2013) „Rethinking the Product” is an Italian project that began in 2008 with the goal of stimulating collaboration between companies working in diverse sectors in order to create innovative products and use new working techniques.

Coordinated by a team of designers, the participating companies and young designers found new uses for traditional production techniques, taking advantage of the companies’ long-term and deep knowledge of materials and production.

Now „Innovation and design, new frontiers for the product“ is the title of the seminar that will be held March 22 at the Muse (Virtual Museum of Sculpture and Architecture) of Pietrasanta (Via Sant’Agostino 61). The same day, at the Musa, will open an exhibition of the prototypes of the fifth edition of the project in 2012. Until the 7th of April, the exhibition will be open from Thursday to Sunday (except Easter), from 17 to 20 am.

„Rethinking the Product”

Source: RTP