Design: A hymn in praise of the material

(March 2013) A hymn of praise for natural stone is intoned by the German-based cap. company’s „Carrara M“ line of kitchen utensils. Pivotal point is its namesake natural stone, complemented by chrome, or wood.

Shape is secondary in importance and dictated the product’s function. The knife block, e.g., allows the user to put the knife down comfortably. No need to aim for a narrow slot as is the case for traditional storage blocks. Freimut Stehling was the designer and is the creative head of the company.

The stone breadbox is worked out of a single solid stone and is more costly than the square version composed of several pieces. Our photo shows the hazel wood variety – others are available on request.

Cap.’s GreenBox is for storing herbs or as a cachepot for plants with a recipient for water integrated in the foot.

One of the German Design Council’s Interior Innovation Awards 2013 was bestowed on cap.’s collection.

The company has been creating products for kitchens as well as furniture, living and individual ideas developed by customers. Distinguishing factor is a straight-forward, no-nonsense design and use of high end material as well as high-end, made-in-German-Quality.

„Carrara M“ is produced in Italy in close proximity to the provenance of material used.


German Design Council

Photos: cap.