„Belief in marketing, design, innovation, and a good communication“

(April 2013) Since February 2013, Françoise Naudet is working as a part-time consultant for the Centre Technique des Matériaux Naturels de Construction, CTMNC (Technical Center for Industrial Building Materials, specialized in natural stones). Her task will be to expand the Center’s outreach to engineers, architects, builders, engineering and architectural schools etc. The ultimate goal is that, whatever technical question about natural stone one might have, the Center should be the contact to get the answer or directly or via its website.

Françoise Naudet has been involved for 8 years in the stone industry: she was the director for the Association Pierre de Bourgogne, an organization aiming at promoting natural stone from Burgundy within France and internationally, and federate the region’s quarries, industries and craftsmen involved in the stone business.

Previous to that, she has had a significant international experience in marketing and communication, and has worked mostly in the sports industry (Dynastar skis, Salomon group). She has an international experience, having worked for Patagonia, an American high quality outdoor clothing company, world famous for its avant-garde environmental management. Françoise was director for product marketing at Patagonia’s headquarters in California for 3 years.

Françoise Naudet believes strongly in the renewal of the French industry through marketing, design, innovation, and a good communication. She is developing a marketing consultancy business aimed at medium-sized companies that want to boost their sales through well positioned, well designed, and well communicated products. The French stone industry is definitely one of her targets.

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