Briefly noted

(March 2013) Pakistan has reached a constant growth level of 35% in natural stone exports in the recent years past. It is aiming at 500 million US-$ by value, according to a representative of the local trade organization.   

Oresome Resources is the name of an Australian educational webpage with material on natural resources and energy.

Diamonds are reporters of happenings deep inside the Earth where they developed and are constantly developing under massive pressure. They contain microscopic enclosures of minerals, enamels and fluids from which scientists can read important information. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has called a research project with international participation to life.

Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg has imprinted a pattern in the sands of Spanish beaches.   

The States of the USA in different types of stone have been emulated by Lotus Exim Company on their homepage.   

Piling up stone in the garden as a home for wildlife is the recommendation on a British webpage.

Video of the month: extreme sport athlete ascending a needle rock in the Arctic.