Briefly noted: „doghouse for walks“

(March 2013) Toyo Ito, 71 year old architect whose architectural practice is based in Tokyo, Japan, will be the recipient of the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize. His work „combines conceptual innovation with superbly executed buildings“, as stated in a press release by the Hyatt Foundation, sponsor of the annual price. „He has successfully undertaken libraries, houses, parks, theaters, shops, office buildings and pavilions, each time seeking to extend the possibilities of architecture.“

Less known is Toyo Ito’s contribution to the webpage Architecture for Dogs. Initiated by the Hara Design Institute, planners and designers (famous or not) are called to post their concepts for „houses“ in the broadest sense for these pets. Following the concept of an open source, the visitor of the webpage gets all information to realize the ideas by himself or herself.

Toyo Ito writes about his idea: „Whether it rains all day, or the asphalt is hot, whether the dog has aged and its legs and loins are sore, dogs want to go out for a walk with their owners everyday. I conceived of this „doghouse for walks” as a way to at least slightly lighten the burden on dogs in these circumstances.“

The Pritzker Prize is the most prestigious award for architects. The grant is 100.000 $.

Pritzker Prize

Architecture for Dogs

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