People and Jobs: forum for job-offers and notes about changes in the management

(April 2013) Many of our esteemed readers have asked us to report on personnel development in the stone branch and to assist in bringing together job seekers and job opportunities. This is the idea behind our new column „People & Jobs“: here representatives of the stone branch may introduce e.g. newcomers in management. They also have the opportunity of offering jobs, e.g. for foreign markets. Consultants also may post a presentation.

The new column can be accessed on the right side of our website via the „People & Jobs”-button.

To publish a contribution, we require your text and picture material, ideally a portrait picture and the company logo.

Texts should be delivered in English but publication in other languages is possible as well. Please ask for a quote on translation costs.

Publication is free of charge.

If you wish to publish a job opportunity anonymously, you may choose our classified-service: in this case the name of the advertiser is known only to who will transmit applications to the publishing member for a flat rate of 30 € (~ 40 US-$)/posting.

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