Architecture: Buildings which seem to sprout out of the ground

(April 2013) The object was, as so often is the case, to create a reference to the surroundings. Zoran Zidarić and Tomislav Ćurković of Croatia’s BVA Arhitekta went one step further: their complex by the name „Country house“ in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s southern region of Bijaca seems to sprout right out of the ground: the irregular ground slabs were also used as cladding for the concrete outer walls.

The façade makes reference to the many stone walls found in the hilly surroundings. They serve as support for vineyards and olive groves. Local stone was implemented. Together with the simple building form this gives the 6 buildings an inconspicuous appearance.

But the irregular façade also offered room for contrast i.e. window niches and entrance with a wide sleek, white fringe. Only here does the underlying load-bearing concrete construction become visible. The Architects ware awarded a prize by the Cemex Concrete Company in 2012 for their work.

The cozy spaces between the buildings are shielded from the wind and offer a welcome opportunity for barbeque or informal outdoor get-togethers. The main building in particular offers a grand view of the landscape and surrounding mountains. The mostly two-story buildings furbished with heat pumps and highly efficient insulation meet the standard of low-energy housing.

DVA Arhitekta

Photos: Robert Leš