Design: Massive yet elegant

(April 2013) Massive is the desired attribute of Draenert Company’s „Tabula Edition“ table but not heavy. This is achieved with the aid of the so-called stone coffer construction: the interior is steel boxes clad in 2 cm-thick stone slabs.

At the foot of the legs the steel boxes are visible.

Where the legs meet the table top, a mortise accentuates the contrast. The design is Draenert’s own in-house fabrication.

The table stands 74 cm tall, 105 cm wide and has a length of 270 cm. It weighs in at 450 kg. We have depicted the limestone Rosso Damasco and Palisandro marble variants respectively.

But it could be the inconspicuous details that give the piece its certain je-ne-sais-quoi. In the case of Draenert’s dining table „Francis“ the certain something is the mitered edge of the overlapping table top.

Together with the rounded corners it has an almost feather-light appearance.

The trapezoid table legs are not fixed under the table but affixed laterally requiring some rather advanced technical solutions by designer Gino Carollo.

The prototype allows the material to unfold its full beauty: our photo shows a Carrara marble with leathered top and oiled oak legs (oak legs in black or white lacquered with open pores could be an alternative). The measurements are 74 cm high, 105 cm wide in lengths of 200, 240 or 280 cm). The table top is one solid piece!

„Francis“ is also available as a round table with 3 instead of the conventional 4 legs. The table on our photo has a top made of Verde Antigua limestone. It measures 74 cm in height with a tabletop of 110, 130 or 150 cm diagonal respectively available.

All models are also available in a variety of other natural stone tops.


Photos: Draenert

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