Briefly noted

(May 2013) A mysterious stone hill in the Sea of Galilee is the subject of a report in the Journal of Nautical Archaeology. Israeli scientists have analyzed the structure which is some 10 m high and 70 m in diameter and which weighs an estimated 60,000 t in great detail. Conspicuously, fish like to hide in the basalt cracks according to a report. Perhaps the hill was man-made for the purpose of fish breeding. After all numerous small stone circles now are maintained close to shore for this purpose.

Crazy Paving is the name given to the technique of haphazard paving. A pre-fab variety in now being manufactured by Hilistone Company of China.

An international conference on geoparks will take place from September 4th to 7th 2013 in Italy.  

Stone Expo Trade Fair hitherto held biannually in the Belgian city of Ghent, will take place in 2016 next time.  

The value of the Finnish natural stone exports in 2012 was about 80 million Euros, 60 % of which came from granite. Other stone export consists mainly of soapstone products. Export’s share of stone industry sales is about 35 %. 15 million Euros worth of stone products were imported last year.  

„Geology for the Common Good: Sustainable Resources for the 21st Century” is the title of a session at the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting in Denver, Colorado, October 27-30, 2013. Abstracts may be submitted under (Refer to Session T-80), informs Geology in the Public Interest (GPI).

Jill Archambeau, Sales/Office Manager for RockSolid Stone Works (RSW) of Cleveland, Ohio is the winner of the 2012 MIA Natural Stone Scholarship Award, presented annually to aspiring industry fabricators, installers, apprentices and administrative employees interested in furthering their careers in the stone industry.  

Video of the Month: The stone branch often complains that transportation of material is too costly or that too few containers are available for the purpose. Stone lifting could be a solution: strong men in Scotland and Pakistan train in lifting boulders, even the music sounds similar (1, 2, 3).