Briefly noted

(May 2013) Marble feels cold, because of its low heat conductivity according to the Dubai Chronicle. On the contrary, marble conducts heat away from our skin so quickly that it feels cool. Stone with lower conductivity like sandstone are less dense and thus conduct heat less efficiently. The cooling effect is maintained until the stone or air surrounding it reaches body-temperature. But atmospheric temperature of 37 degrees would be intolerably hot.

The Port-au-Prince Cathedral in Haiti, which was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake is to be rebuilt. The award-winning draft was completed by Segundo Cardone; FAIA. The material to be used for the façade is limestone.

US designer Sara Baldwin has brought out a new series named „Talya“ for Marble Systems

L’Angolo Della Geologia has posted fascinating photos of natural stone on this Facebook page.

House in the Quarry is the name of a building by the architect Russel Wright in the State of New York. The World Monument Fund (WMF) is working toward conservation of the complex.

Artificial rocks by Fabrice Kennel are made of wire mesh and concrete for zoos and aquaria (French).

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has released version 2 of „Stones of North America“, a comprehensive iPad® app that gives quick and easy access to detailed information about natural stones quarried in North America. Version 2 includes 25 new natural stones, a MAPEI care and maintenance tab, and various programming updates to ensure proper functionality with iOS6. Free download on iTunes.     

How to convert defunct quarries into valuable space for flora and fauna is demonstrated by Heidelberg Cement of German on its webpage Webpage Quarry Life Award.

Limestone erosion on London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral is under investigation in a scientific study.

Video of the Month: Limestone strata on Scotland’s coast was the inspiration for Kengo Kuma’s draft of the Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee (Video, 1).