Architecture: Cobblestone black and white

Like rings in a tree trunk: the in Maria Saal-Market-Place.(August 2009) Archaeological excavations thrive on epochal aggradations. The various phases of archaeological history are the theme of the cobble stone stripes on Maria Saal’s market place, giving the impression of a series of sedimentary layers for pedestrian observers.

Alternating between light and dark Gebhartser Syenite and Schremster Granite the layered-look is intensified by the slight escalation of the terrain.

The concept was developed by the architects nonconform and Friedrich Mascher. Remarkably, citizens were invited to participate in the planning phase in a sort of cracker barrel „participatory brain-storming“ where their wished were noted and the architects stood up for Q&A. Then the team incorporated its own ideas.

nonconform architektur & Friedrich Mascher, Vienna

Photo: Paul Ott