„There was room for wealth creation in 2012“

(June 2013) While the signs are that growth will pick up this year, many major economies are still performing well below trend, with some struggling to achieve any improvement in economic output at all. But despite this gloomy economic backdrop, there was still room for wealth creation in 2012:

The number of people with US$ 30m or more in net assets rose by 5% last year, or nearly 8,700, according to data prepared exclusively for The Wealth Report by Wealth-X, a wealth intelligence firm.

The combined wealth held by this part of the society also grew by 2%, or US$ 566bn, to just over US$ 26tr in 2012. Over the next 10 years, 95,000 people are forecast to break the US$ 30 million wealth barrier – a cumulative 50% rise, which will take the total number of HNWIs across the globe to around 285,665.

More details, e.g. the number of billionaires by continent or metropolis and its growth until 2022

(02.06.2013) (USA: 06.02.2013)