Waves by the yard

(June 2013) Guan Yun Enterprise Company has specialized in producing pebble mats. Now the company has come up with an innovative product: tiny stones in various colors are applied to a background in a variety of patterns.

The mats leave the factory applied to a net mesh and wrapped on rolls. The gaps between the stones are filled on site with usual materials.

Guan Yun company was founded in 1991 and currently counts a staff of over 100.

At the center of the palate of products Guan Yun are the classic pebble coatings for façades and flooring.

With its new yard-good mini-pebbled product, Guan Yun hopes to exploit new markets. Waste from stone production could conceivably be used for this product.

The manual labor needed in production is, albeit, high.

Guan Yun Enterprise

(09.06.2013) (USA: 06.09.2013)