Fairs: staying in touch with design

Wall system by Corcione & Tinucci. Produced by Anzilotti.(August 2009) Even if there is no Marmotec Stone Fair this year – as the fair is held on a biennial basis, Carrara wants to remain the focal point: June saw the opening of the exhibit „StoneStyle – Space and Design“ presenting innovative ideas and design in local stone production. We present some examples from this exhibit. Around 50 architects and designers from countries in which there is enhanced interest in Carrara Marble (see below) were invited.

In a pdf readers can study numbers reflecting the state of the Carrara region’s marble industry: 2008 saw a 15 % increase in exports by value and 16 % increase by mass – against the general downward trend of the Italian stone industry. All in all stone exports amounted to 497 million € and 1.057 million t.

Development of the end-product market in Europe was particularly positive. Top Buyer was Great Britain. Exports to Russia increased by 20%. But Algeria, Tunesia, and Marocco were showing an upward trend as well (7,6 %), albeit for material of lesser quality than in the Middle East. Best Buyers were Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.