Contemporary stone sculpture in London

Guy Stevens: „Bones“, limestone.

(June 2013) Works of 19 sculptors, among them Bridget McCrum and Peter Randall-Page, will be exhibited in the Crypt Gallery at St Pancras Church in London until June, 26. The works are showcased at the onform exhibition which usually takes place every two years at Asthall Manor in Oxfordshire and now for the first time has come to London.

Creating both figurative and abstract works, the collection of artists carve in a rich variety of stone sourced from all over the world, including dark grey Kilkenny limestone, honey coloured calcite, Italian blue alabaster, red sandstone and grey-white Carrara marble. The sculpture selected for onform london ranges in size from desk top pieces to much larger works for outdoor display.

The artists are: Peter Brooke-Ball, Katusha Bull, Aly Brown, Frederic Chevarin, Luke Dickinson, Simon Hitchens, Jonathan Loxley, Bridget McCrum, William Peers, Peter Randall-Page, Jordi Raga Frances, Julian Rena, Rachel Schwalm, Sarah Smith, Guy Stevens, Anthony Turner, Lucy Unwin, Paul Vanstone, Dominic Welch.

Admission is free. All works are for sale

onform london, The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston, London NW1 2BA,
Tuesday – Friday 11 – 6pm,
Saturday & Sunday 11 – 4pm,
Closed Mondays.

Source: Press release

13.06.2013 (USA: 06.13.2013)

Dominic Welch: „Blue Backed Angel”, Kilkenny Limestone.Jordi Raga Frances: „Leaf of Light”, travertine.Sarah Smith: „Hope”, limestone.Aly Brown: „Single Helix IV”, Vietnam marble.