Design: Never-ending mosaic ideas

„Coppa“.(July 2009) Some companies never seem at a loss for ideas. Like the Brazilian mosaic specialist Mosarte: The Company situated in the south of Brazil produced 230 new ideas last year alone.

Natural stone is the focal point of the series „Ita“. The ancient word still to be found in many Brazilian town names stems from the Tupi-Indians and means „stone“. The tile „Hera Cinza“ (see below) is made of slate with an ivy-leaf pattern. The tiles are available in grey slate and rusty slate.

The „Jardins Carrara“ tiles measuring 29,8 cm x 29,8 cm are composed of 25 marble strips 1 cm in width. „Versalhes Nero“ tiles measure 26,7 cm x 28,7 cm and are made of polished marble Nero Marquina with two surface finishes. „Cubus Piguês” is made of Greek marble (29 cm x 29 cm).

„Octa Ferrugem“ edging (7cm x 30 cm) implements glass inlay in rusty slate. „Augusta Ferrugem“ is a composition of slate and metal (2,9 cm x 29,8 cm).

Usually the various models are available in a variety of stone.

Special mention is reserved for decorative pieces like „Coppa“ ( Anticato marble and glass), „Pentola“ (Anticato and metal) and „Mattarello“ (Anticato and wood), to name but a few examples (size 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm).

Mosarte’s home is in Tijuca in the state of Santa Catarina, and was founded in 1995 by the engineer Marco Aurélio Sedrez, who imported a stone cutting machine for tesserae from Italy. Since then, the company is has become one of the big players. According to Mosarte’s statistics, the company delivers 70% of local mosaic and exports to 10 countries. The United States of America, Europe and the Persian Gulf all profit from the products.

The Associação Mosarte de Arte e Educação (AMAE) where youths can learn the trade and simultaneously finish school was founded three years ago. About 40% of the staff double as teachers in their spare time. Similar social responsibility is reflected by the Centro de Educação Família Sedrez, established in memory of the founder’s parents.


Photos: Mosarte