Advertising the lasting value and beauty of granite and marble

Sustained value and beauty are properties which builders have always treasured: Milan Cathedral.

(July 2013) A Marble Institute of America (MIA) press release divulges information on the best arguments for natural stone: statistics show that a text elaborating on the beauty and durability of granite as the material of choice for kitchen countertops was printed amazingly often in the US-press. As a rule, articles of this sort are reprinted 100 – 400 times. In the case of granite countertops the score reached 2880.

MIA had introduced the text in February 2012 as a PR-publication. The title was: „New Survey Shows: Nothing Beats Value, Beauty of Granite Countertops“. In the article, MIA had published the results of a self-commissioned online study: 76% of the 1600 recruited readers had agreed and 75% said they would choose granite as a countertop next time they refurbish their kitchen.

It is safe to conclude that editors of magazines and newspapers are quick to react on value and durability, because this is what readers seek most.

Conversely, consumers probably show little interest in the fact, e.g., that stone is millions of years old. Most important is the notion that the chosen material will not lose its value over a couple of decades.

Just as important is the beauty of the materials.

MIA did not include an aspect in its survey which is probably equally important, i.e. that stone is 100% natural.

Publication of the Marble Institute of America (MIA)

(21.07.2013) (USA: 07.21.2013)