World Champion in stone masonry

Robert Schnöll, Austria: Gold.

(August 2013) This year’s gold at the professionals’ world competition went to Austrian Robert Schnöll. Silver went to (in alphabetical order) France’s Sidoine Bocque, UK‘s Robert Broomsgrove, and Japan’s Shouhei Moto. The so-called WorldSkills competition takes place bi-annually addressing young professional craftsmen to test their skills.

This year’s WorldSkills took place from June 2nd to 7th in Leipzig, Germany. More than 1,000 professionals aged 22 to 53 participated under the aegis of the German Chancellor.

Stone masons were given a demanding exercise to complete under set conditions. The product was judged for precision under pressure.

Honorable mentions went to Christian Schlenter (Belgium), Timur Bolt (Switzerland), Jan-Lukas Plohmann (Germany), Matti Haapaniemi (Finland), Kidany Kortschot (Netherlands) und Vladislav Chechenev (Russia).

The next WorldSkills competition is scheduled to take place from August 11th to 16th in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.


Photos: WorldSkills

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