Sky blue natural stone

Brasigran: „Arcobaleno“.

(August 2013) True sky blue appears in nature in summer skies, but Brazil’s Brasigran company has given some of its stone exactly that color. With the help of a process by which pigments are infused deep within the stone’s microstructure deep color hues can be achieved.

„Arcobaleno“, is Italian for rainbow, is the name of the new collection currently available in 9 tones.

Brasigran: „Arcobaleno“.

The company presented some convincing examples of implementation at this year’s Vitória trade fair.

Renata Malenza, head of marketing, calls for living examples of stone in every day settings. „Sometimes I see a slab of raw natural stone and have no idea what it would look like in my home environment.“

„Arcobaleno“ is suitable for indoor décor.


Photos: Brasigran

Brasigran: „Arcobaleno“.Brasigran: „Arcobaleno“.

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