Briefly noted

(August 2013) Medistone Expo in Bari is the new kid on the block hoping to establish a solid position as the meeting place for the stone branch around the Mediterranean but attracted only meager interest according to a report in the French trade magazine Pierre Actual (6/2013). Much praise was bestowed on local exhibitors from the far southern tip of the boot as well as efforts by the IMM Carrara, organizer of the fair. Bari and the surrounding region of Apulia boast a total of 233 active quarries and 1130 productive companies with a total of 8000 employees.   

British agricultural minister David Heath showed himself impressed by the sustainability concept of Forest Pennant company during a visit, SouthwestBusiness reports. The sandstone producer in Gloucestershire generates hydroelectric power for its plant, among other measures (1, 2).

A museum for millstones and cobblestones has been established in the French city Épernon half way between Paris and Cartres (French 1, 2).

Natural stone arches was the theme of the „experimental week“ hosted by the French continued learning institution Grands Ateliers de l’Isle d’Abeau. Students of architecture under the supervision of Elisabeth Polzella of Perraudin Architects developed ideas around the said theme (French).

   Side tables made of petrified wood and iron are the result of Stephane Michaelis creative endeavors. The material originates from Indonesia and is some 20 million years old. The tables are distributed by Stonefish Company.

Venezuela 1: Venezuelan granite companies hope to establish a position on the Mercosur-Market, as report the Correo del Orinoco (Spanish).

Venezuela 2: Geoparks in Venezuela are the subject of two websites (Spanish 1, 2).

Video of the month: Canadian architect Michael Green is making a plea for wooden houses to keep the CO2 footprint to a minimum. His idea is based on the use of young trees or lumber waste laminated to large elements. At the beginning of his talk one might even think he was talking about natural stone: every piece of wood is unique, he says and expounds how fascinating it is to the touch.    

(19.08.2013) (USA: 08.19.2013)