Art: Deep Insight in Minerals

Schist.(June 2009) Scott Engering calls his photos of thin slices under the microscope „Glowing Edges“. When illuminating the 0,003 mm thick slices of stone wedged between glass slides with polarized light, the samples glow in a multitude of colours depending on their chemical composition and crystalline structure.

In 1848 Henry Sorby from Sheffield developed the method of microscopical petrography to analyze stone by means of light rays. An author used the term „bizarrely futuristic“ to describe the photos.

Scott Engering is a geologist by vocation. He has made a name for himself in Great Britain in conservation of natural stone structures and as a photographer and journalist.

Engering no longer only markets his insights in the mineral world as photos or light-objects for bars or restaurants. With the aid of picture processing and blow-up-technique he morphs them to graphic structures.

Glowing Edges Designs

Photos: Scott Engering