Briefly noted

(September 2013) In Florida, the American Atheists have installed a bench comprised of some 700 kg of grey granite in protest against 2 black stone slabs bearing the Ten Commandments. A court order to dispose of the slabs was never enforced. The bench set up next to the tables bears famous quotes by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams (1, 2).

Tiger Stone is the name of a piece of heavy equipment made in the Netherlands which allows street paving in one motion like laying out wall-to-wall carpeting.    

Calçada Portuguesa.Photos of the Calçada Portuguesa, a mosaic seen on streets and public places, have been compiled by Ernesto Matos on a new web page. 

All about semi-precious stones and their implementation as well as myths surrounding them, is the subject of a blog by Architectural Minerals.

The Columbian Servicio Geológico will draw up a large-scale map of the country (Spanish).

Norway’s Geological Resources are the subject of a portal.

Video of the Month: Wikihouse is an online-building-block-set for planning low-cost housing. It is meant to be seen as a freeware global architectural office (Video, 1).

(16.09.2013) (USA: 09.16.2013)