Markets: Less Cement Thanks to Stone Waste

Waste disposal is a central theme in the stone industry.(June 2009) No need to reinvent the wheel: by recombining well known elements, the Brazilian Company Omni kills two birds with one stone, figuratively speaking. Omni uses normal crusher waste from stone production as filler for concrete, thereby reducing the portion of cement usually needed for cohesion by up to 15 percent.

The buzzword is cubic grain. Cubes have a smaller surface area than their rounded siblings, which means that less cement is needed to bind the particles.

The grains are produced implementing normal machinery. Omni’s special know-how is using crushers and sieves or screens in a special combination to achieve the desired grade and mixture.

The ecological effect is not only the reduction of cement. By recycling the waste, natural resources are conserved.

„Any type of natural stone waste can be used“, according to Krystof Staniak, Director of Omni. „The only precondition is that the ratio of clay must not be excessively high.“ The company entertains a number of such processing facilities.

Omni Crushing & Screening