Briefly noted

(October 2013) Foreign Companies sending their stone masons to Germany must pay minimum wage as of October 1st 2013. The wage is set at 10.13 €/hr in the Eastern States of Germany and 11.00 €/hr in the West. The tariffs will rise to 10.66 €/hr and 11.25 €/hr respectively effective May 1st 2014. The tariff is valid until April 2015 according to a communication by the German Government (German).

Golf tee or fairway markers by Robertson Memorials of Scotland in granite for discerning golf clubs.

Coat of arms for football clubs in stone are crafted by Torregris Company of Spain (Spanish).

The British City of Manchester, 35% of whose population is of Irish descent, has an Irish World Heritage Centre made to a great extent from Irish natural stone. The construction is reminiscent of an historic ring wall (1, 2).

Dry walls are the subject of a blog by John Shaw-Rimmington. The author is president of the Dry Stone Walling Across Canada Association.  

„Interior Stickerei“ (Interior Stitching) is the name of a research faculty at the Swiss Technical University of Design and & Art in Lucerne with the aim of transposing methods of stitching to unconventional material such as wood veneer.   

Video of the Month: Rock fall (1, 2, 3, 4).

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