Product design in natural stone: household items for you and me

Scandola Marmi, Manuel Barbieri.

(October 2013) We have been contending that the stone branch’s best agents are products for every-day use. It’s the little things that make a name, things that are seen and admired for aesthetic reasons every day.

Italian designer Manuel Barbieri has developed a line of such products together with his team of up-and-coming young colleagues at Scandola Marmi Company.

The result is a line of pieces reflecting original design ideas but never the less fully functional. They can be purchased online at affordable prices.

Scandola Marmi, Manuel Barbieri.

The „City Collection“, e.g., a line of clocks which can be wall-mounted of simply left to lean against a surface: the shape of the clock’s face is a silhouette facsimile of typical cities in countries like Morocco, Italy, or Austria. The clock’s hands are made of fluorescent material. „Each and every revolution of the clock’s arms reminds us that there are still a number of cities to visit“, according to a press release. Priced starting at 96 €.

Scandola Marmi, Manuel Barbieri.

All in all there are 9 different products in a variety of stone types 27 variations in all. We show but a small selection.

Scandola Marmi

Manuel Barbieri

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Photos: Scandola Marmi

Scandola Marmi, Manuel Barbieri. Scandola Marmi, Manuel Barbieri. Manuel Barbieri. Scandola and Manuel Barbieri at Marmomacc 2013: a laid table.(29.10.2013, USA: 10.29.2013)