Briefly noted

(November 2013) India’s Stepwells have caught the attention of online magazine Archdaily. Stepwells are sunken reservoirs often lined in stone masonry. Restoration of such a well took the Indian prize for building in natural stone as reported (1, 2).

Stone mosaic flower patterns by Bulgarian Granite Marble Design Company.

A registry of masons’ marks of British stonemasons of today will be published online and is meant help identify stonemasons’ handicraft for future generations.   

Stone medallions with a number of motifs by Chinese Xinhenglong Stone Company.

Norman Foster is building luxury apartments in Manhattan (1, 2).

How many earthquakes actually occur around the globe is shown by Earthquake Report. Only the strongest make it to the headlines.

Video of the month: how an ancient Egyptian statue seems to move through a museum on its own.   

(17.11.2013, USA: 11.17.2013)