The fragrance „Statuario“ bears the name of Michelangelo‘s marble

„I Profumi del Marmo“: Arabescato (left), Calacatta (right).

(November 2013) Let us challenge you, dear readers, to a quiz: what do the names Statuario, Arabescato and Calacatta have in common?

True, they are all types of Italian marble. But that is only half the truth: 3 fragrances, whose caps are all made of the marble, more precisely made of the very marble which lent its name to the perfume, are also called Statuario, Arabescato and Calacatta.

„I Profumi del Marmo“.

Note that Michelangelo valued the snow-white Statuario for his sculptures, Arabescato is the variety with the dark veins and Calacatta radiates homey warmth.

Every bit of the three new fragrances comes from Tuscany: the scents were developed in a laboratory in Bologna. The flacons were designed in part by Pietrasanta’s artist Tomasso Iardella and the logo was created by Pisa’s Nicola Dini. The caps are hand-made in the Pietrasanta Studios.

Marketing is in the hands of the fledgling internet portal Tuscany Brand. „Our aim is to assist in the Renaissance of Italian craftsmanship“, as is explained by initiator Simone Degl’Innocenti.

Tuscany Brand’s web page shows artist Chiara Imperiali under the column „Marmonia“ with marble jewelry. The „Wanli“ column shows material by Mari Furuakwa on canvas and glass. Giovanna has posted decorative objects for décolleté and waist („Le Cose della Pilù“), and under the button „La Chiesa dell’Arte“ visitors to the site can watch marmor sculptors at work.

The idea with the fragrance took the Le Donne del Marmo prize at this year’s Marmomacc brought. That is a group of women who wish to further female contributions in the stone branch.

I Profumi del Marmo

Tuscany Brand

Le Donne del Marmo

Photos: Tuscany Brand / idsign

(22.11.2013, USA: 11.22.2013)