Holcim Awards: Examples of innovative sustainable building ideas

Building with massive stone blocks allows for recycling with practically no loss or modification. Photo: Jean Paul Foucher, Matthieu Pinon, Pierre Actual

(December 2013) A total of 2 Million US-$ make up the purse of the Holcim-Foundation competition which seeks to distinguish outstanding examples of sustainable building. For architects and companies alike, perusing the online submission forms is worth the while, particularly as the stone branch has developed a number of new ideas for sustainability recently.

Concepts the likes of building with reusable miniature blocks could be of interest for the jury.

Two categories make up the „Holcim Awards“: the main category in which experienced architects and builders can make a submission, and the „Next Generation“, which is reserved for young professionals and students. For both categories submissions must be new, having commenced no earlier than July 1st 2013 but nevertheless be well under way to completion.

Prizes will be distributed by region: Europe, North America, Africa/Middle East and Asia/Pacific. The winners will be presented at the end of 2014 in Moscow, Toronto, Medellín, Beirut, and Jakarta respectively. 2015 will see them compete against one another.

The jury is made up of internationally recognized architects whereby reputable universities are involved.

Submissions must be made by March 24th 2014 online.

Holcim Enterprises is one of the world leading producers of cement, concrete and asphalt based in Zurich, Switzerland. The Holcim Foundation stands for the advancement of eco-friendly building and has frequently rewarded building in wood in the recent past.

Holcim Awards

(09.12.2013, USA: 12.09.2013)