„Flexible Stone – new paths in stone design“

This variant of Vicenza Stone is usually discarded due to its two-tone properties. But here one sink was dedicated to each of the two colors. Thanks to the carrier construction (a further color variant) the sinks are accessible from all angles. Title: „Yi bèi“.

(December 2013) Products of every-day use as well as their mass production: that was the aim the student project „Flexible Stone – new paths in stone design“, which took place in the winter semester 2012/2013 at the Ferrara University. Lecturers were Raffaello Galiotto, Vincenzo Pavan, Veronica Dal Buono and Davide Turrini. Some of the works were presented in hall 7b of this year’s Marmomacc.

In a pdf brochure in Italian and English language which can be downloaded free of charge, the lecturers’ concept is expounded and students’ works are presented.

We show some of the prototypes whereby our selection is arbitrary and without assessment.

Download of the „Flexible Stone – nuovi percorsi del design litico/Flexible Stone – new paths in stone design“ brochure



Lithos Design

Marmi Serafini

Laboratorio Morseletto

Marmi Faedo

Trachite Euganea

Marini Marmi

Santa Margherita

Arredo di Pietra


„En Rose“ is a marble make-up table. Its body made up of top and bottom half. Its shape is inspired by Botticelli’s Venus de Milo offers space for drawers.„Dynamic Surface“ uses a number of variants of Travertine de Siena in cubic form, each of which has one slanted surface, which, when assembled result in a three-dimensional checkerboard pattern.The mass of Chiampo Paglierino marble is the distinguishing factor of demonic nutcracker and grinning mortar and pestle.The ergonomic shape of this bath tub allows for perfect relaxation.Student project „Flexible Stone - new paths in stone design“. Lecturers were (from left) Raffaello Galiotto, Vincenzo Pavan, (from right) Davide Turrini, Veronica Dal Buono.At this year‘s Marmomacc.