Briefly noted

(December 2013) Beijing’s Palace of Heavenly Purity was constructed with stone, some of which weigh up to 100t. Chinese scientists discuss how laborers were able to maneuver such large blocks in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the US: sleighs were used with thin water films serving to reduce friction (1, 2).

„Bamboo Grain“ is the name Hua Ying Stone gave its mosaic tiles.     

A canal worker made of stone, in the process of clambering out of a duct can be seen online on China’s Focus Stone Company web site.

Astonishing buildings were conjured up by photo artist Víctor Enrich.    

Video of the month: things we missed out on: the phases of the moon in timelapse snapshots.

(17.12.2013, USA: 12.17.2013)