„Campagna“ by Mosarte: simple and down-to-earth

Mosarte: „Paiol“.

(December 2013) Country life is the theme of Brazil’s Mosarte Tile Manufacturer’s latest collection. Production of „Campagna“ from Tijuca in the State of Santa Catarina is all about down-to-earth simplicity and a sense of being close to nature.

Mosarte: „Taipa Natura“.

„Taipa natura“ tiles combine travertine with wood and driftwood. Relief of the various stripes gives a rustic appearance.

Mosarte: „Paiol“.

„Paiol“ is another decor, referring to a magazine or silo for grain or tobacco. These are long tiles in wood combined with travertine.

Mosarte: „Paiol Antico“.

Mosarte: „Paiol Natura“.

In part the wood bears printed patterns. Mix-and-match possibilities are practically endless.

Mosarte: „Serros“, marble Grigio (left), slate Preto (top right), marble Thassos (bottom right).

„Serros“ is a pun alluding to the Portuguese word for chain of mountains, serra. Here, too, long strips of material are combined to tiles whereby the surfaces are rounded. Next to wood there are varieties in Thassos marble, Grigio marble and slate. Stone tiles are suitable for mounting out of doors.

Novelties from other collections are shown below. Not all use natural stone.


Photos: Mosarte

Mosarte: „Fluidos Thassos“ (left), „Fluidos Preto“.Mosarte: „Candango Crema“ (left), „Candango Preto“.Mosarte: „Fitas Bege“ (left), „Fitas Neve Casablanca“.Mosarte: „Lis Bege“ (left), „Lis Neve Casablanca“.Mosarte: „Petlas Neve Casablanca“ (left), „Petlas Caramelo“.(18.12.2013, USA: 12.18.2013)