Marble to charge mobile phones

„Wireless Power Pebble“.

(December 2013) What is made of marble and comes with a cable attached to it? A petrified mouse?

Wrong! It’s the „Wireless Power Pebble“ by Orée Company of France recently brought on the market.

„Wireless Power Pebble“.

With it one can charge a mobile phone simply by cradling it in the stone. The phone is equipped with QI-Technology.

The phone is charged by means of magnetic induction, i.e. without direct contact or cable from stone to phone. Only the Power Pebble itself is connected to a socked by means of the cable.


Orée Company has specialized in communication equipment, e.g. computer keyboards in walnut or maple wood just to name one of their works of wonder.

But one thing is certain: behind the focus on noble material is top of the art modern technology and superb craftsmanship in which Orée prides itself e.g. in the working of the stone.

As to the price of quality: affordable if the technology is as durable as the material used. In marble, red Caunes or white Carrara the price of a pebble is 150 €.

All Orée products originate from the Languedoc-Rousillon region of southern France and are hand-made.


Photos: Orée

(22.12.2013, USA: 12.22.2013)