Briefly noted

(January 2014) A method of surface treatment for natural stone façades from Finland shows interesting properties according to manufacturers: treated surfaces are self-cleaning (e.g. from graffiti, no scrubbing necessary) and hydrophobic, sustainable and air-purifying. The manufacturer gives a 10 year guarantee on these properties and is currently seeking global partners.    

Brazil’s stone branch has seen a growth rate of 21.4% by value or 19.22% by tonnage from January to November 2013 as compared to the same period one year prior (Portuguese).

Made in Italy is still a valuable calling card with a good reputation as reflected in the 3rd quarter export statistics published by IMM Carrara: Italy exported 10% more – for a total of 648 million € value added marble products – than one year prior. On average spread over all types of stone and products, exports were up +7.2% by value and 3.2% by tonnage.     

Ireland’s Lough Boora Parklands are home to „The Gathering of Stones“, a ring wall with metaphoric reference to a myriad of local myths. A description can be found on the Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland’s website (1, 2).

Cosentino entertains a webpage in many languages for its engineered stone Dekton. Distinguishing factors are its innovative properties subsumed under the term Ultraology. Dealers are currently being trained in kitchen and bathroom design in Spain and Portugal.    

Light concrete is the name of a German innovation in which particle board is laminated with 3  mm concrete layers (German).

Video of the month: The Temple of Preah Vihear has been attributed to Cambodia by the International Court in The Haague. The sandstone complex bordering ton Thailand is dedicated to Shiva, the Supreme Hindu God. It is some 900 years old (1, 2, 3, 4).

(06.01.2014, USA: 01.06.2014)