Briefly noted

(January 2014) For Great Britain the Office for Budget Responsibility is expecting growth in the order of 2.4% for 2014. There will be a strong upswing in the building industry – a trend due in great part to the backlog caused by stagnation in the recent past. True growth is expected for the years following when productivity will be on the increase.   

The Italian ceramic industry’s current gamut of products is presented online. The opening picture is an advertising poster showing the success of Made in Italy in fashion, sports cars and ceramic tiles. The object shown as the prime example of successin design uses natural stone: The famous „Arco“- lamp by Achille Castiglioni, designed in 1962, has a marble base.

Theft of tombstones is an increasing problem in South Africa’s cemeteries. Memorial Alert Company has developed a chip, which can be integrated into the stone as a counter measure.

„Artefactur“ is the name tile manufacturer Villeroy & Boch has given its new product line of handmade unique tiles.

Comment la societé Lithias fait usage des robots dans ses travaux de sculpture est décrit dans un article dans Les Echos.

The color of granite tiles caused quite some turmoil in Kolkata’s new airport terminal in India: some of the white tiles were delivered with a distinct tinge of yellow according to the magazine The Statesman. The responsible parties explained that purchasing low-cost tiles was chosen as a means of keeping costs to a minimum.

(18.01.2014, USA: 01.18. 2014)