Decormarmi: the principle of warp and weft with space in between transposed to natural stone

Decormarmi: „Merletto“.

Update: table „Ibrido“, design by Sonja Vizzini (see below)

(January 2014) „Kreoo“ is the name of Decormarmi’s collection by designer Enzo Berti with a number of new models added.

Decormarmi: „Merletto“.

„Merletto“ is a takeoff on textile art with the principle of warp and weft transposed to marble surfaces. Circles in a variety of sizes are the basic motif. Daintily filigree as expensive cloth, the appearance of the stone differs in the various types used to craft the tiles.

Decormarmi: „Gong“.

„Cashmere“ is the name of the wash-basin with an extended rim for lodging a bar of soap.

Decormarmi: „Gong“.

„Gong“ is the name of another wash-basin.

Decormarmi: „Dry“.

„Dry“ is free-standing.

Decormarmi: „Vis-à-vis“.

„Vis-à-vis“ is self-explanatory. The designer put the weight of marble to good used. Other materials implemented were stainless steel and basketwork.


Photos: Decormarmi

Update: „Ibrido“ (design: Sonja Vizzini) is available in a Ming Green marble with polished finishing. A row of brass-plated studs runs on the profile of the table.

„Ibrido“ (Design: Sonja Vizzini)

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