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Purchasing power density in Europe.

(January 2014) Citizens of European countries from the Ukraine to Turkey in the East all the way to Iceland and Portugal in the West boasted 8.62 trillion Euro spending money. Statistically that’s 12,890 Euro per capita. This is the result of the analysis by Germany’s GfK Geomarketing market research institute on purchasing power.

The sum, 8,620,000,000,000 Euro is distributed among 42 countries of which 27 are members of the European Union and 18 share the Euro as a common currency.

Unchanged is Liechtenstein’s pole position with a per-capita purchasing power of 58,844 Euro followed by Switzerland with 36,352 Euro and Norway with 31,707 Euro on third position. Spain has an average of 12,370 Euro per capita spending money, whereas Moldavia has a mere 10% per inhabitant at their disposal taking last position.

The market research institute once again compared some of the regions by inhabitant, e.g. Scandinavia: Norwegians take third place in a European scale, but their neighbors, Sweden (5th), Denmark (7th) and Finland (10th) were also among the top runners in the European ranking.

Numerically Norwegians are some 10,000 Euro ahead of their Swedish neighbors with 21,640 Euro per capita. But when comparing turnover, Sweden is the clear winner spending some 206 billion Euro whereas Norway what with almost 50% more per capita buying power war responsible for a „mere“ 160 billion Euro turn-over.

The purchasing power density is also an interesting aspect, i.e. the sum available by surface of region as seen in the table above. The metropolis regions, of course, lead. Sparsely settled regions trail.

GfK Geomarketing

Tables: GfK Geomarketing

(22.01.2014, USA: 01.22.2014)