Spain’s IDIspaces Company designs wellness environments in natural stone

IDIspaces: Fountain.

(January 2014) Wellness environments are the specialty of IDIspaces of Spain. The name is an acronym comprised of the beginning letters of Investigation, Design, and Innovation combined with the word „spaces” as in living spaces, alluding to ideas for wellness and water.

IDIspaces: Fountain.

Natural stone is the material around which IDIspaces’ concept revolves – for wall coverings, flooring and objects such as loungers and fountains. Four companies back the concept of IDIspaces: Rubio Stone, Artemasol, Artemai and Grabados en Marmol active in quarrying and processing natural stone.

IDIspaces: Water-jets.
The technology for spouts and e.g. showerheads comes from Centro Tecnológico Andaluz de la Piedra.

IDIspaces: Turkish bath.

IDIspaces see their products operating in wellness environments, Turkish baths or swimming pools indoors and out.

IDIspaces: Loungers.

The loungers are prefabricated in elements which are assembled on site.

IDIspaces: Loungers.

Each massive stone piece has an integrated heating element. The total weight of e.g. the large lounger is 500 kg.

IDIspaces also offers package deals for complete wellness facilities e.g. including mosaic décor depending on client’s wishes.


Photos: IDIspaces

IDIspaces: Loungers. IDIspaces: Shower basin.(27.01.2014, USA: 01.27.2014)