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Michael Reis.Latest news: Michael Reis, Editor and Associate Publisher of the worldwide known US-Magazine Stone World, passed away at the age of 43. The president of the Marble Institute of America (MIA), Tony Malisani, wrote in a mail: „Michael was a strong advocate for the natural stone industry, a mainstay at industry related events around the globe, and a personal friend of many in the industry. He will be sorely missed.”

Latest news: In its World Economic Outlook the International Monetary Fund predits a growth of 3.7 % for 2014 and 3.9 % for 2015. For the Euro zone is stated a change from recession to recovery. Growth in the United States is expected to be 2.8 percent in 2014, up from 1.9 percent in 2013. The emerging markets will make of plus of over 5 %.

A sandstone Buddha statue is being erected on the banks of Ghora Katora Lake, an Indian tourist center. The statue will be 23 x 10 m.   

The strange case of a gravestone with new inscriptions found in a layby near Newent has been cleared: as Stone Specialist magazine reports, the piece had been forgotten in a nocturnal loading from one van to another.   

The European Stone Festival is back in Freiburg, Germany from May 23-25, 2014.   

Bird houses with slate roofing are on offer by German-based Theis-Böger Company.

Interesting Mosaics for flooring or table tops are on offer at Marmolería Ruta4, Argentina.

Lithos Design: „Luxury 2“. Foto: Lithos DesignTop-of-the-line interior decorator Casa Forma Company of London won one of the coveted SBID International Design Awards 2013: the winning submission was a bathroom with marble tiled walls in the „Luxury 2“ collection by Italian Lithos Design Company.

A 4 m high pyramid in Indian Granite was erected by Polish artist Tadeusz Dębski in Warsaw’s district of Wilanów. The base depicts human needs for sustenance and promulgation according to the trade magazine Swiat Kamienia (1, 2).

Le festival Européen de la Pierre aura lieu du 23 au 25 Mai 2014 à Fribourg en Allemagne.   

„Secteur longtemps délaissé des ,marketeurs’“, la pierre revient en force dans la décoration, la construction, l’aménagement paysager“, est le l’idée de Savoir-French.

Video of the month: Indonesian Lux4home Company shows, how pebble-mosaic is manufactured.