Art: It’s all heads

„Nereide“, schist from Brittany, Eyelids: recente shells, 29 cm high, 2006.(April 2009) Nothing but heads in his head, figuratively speaking. The German painter and sculptor Bernhard Nürnberger turns every stone he finds into a head. Or expressed another way, if his path crosses a stone in which he cannot picture a face, he does not bother to take it with him. He calls his works of art head-pieces. One particularity is the way he works his finds. As a rule he takes recourse to the given shape of the stone.

„The stone remains dominant“, the artist explains. And adds: „I find it important not to take the stage.“ That distinguishes him from many other artists, as does his way with potetial clients: he listens to them.

The „dominance of the stone“ (Nürnberger) is not a fixed doctrine, though. Some pieces were completely reshaped, in others, fragments of foreign material are used to complete the work.

Bernhard Nürnberger’s homepage and sculpture-site