Briefly noted

Hills made of gravel, marble flooring, mirrors on the walls and gilt display cases create the environment which Neiheiser & Valle Designers chose to show exclusive sunglass collections. The venue is the former port complex in New York City. The „endless landscape of stone and light“, is meant to draw attention to glasses according to the designers.   

Sharpening Stones for high line kitchen knives are the object of a Japanese Portal.

Caves and their touristic value is the object of an informative website by the International Show Caves Association (I.S.C.A.). In November the association will hold its global congress in Australia.

A quarry permit has been issued to Rogers Group Inc. by the Indiana authorities for a site about a mile north of Americus off Old Indiana 25.   

The Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee is the biggest in Europe with 115,628 Berliners buried there. The city authority for monument conservation has released a new study which discusses the types of stones used for gravestones and their condition. The booklet in German and English is available free for download or in print for 7,80 € („Der Jüdische Friedhof Weißensee – Beiträge zur Denkmalpflege in Berlin“, Band 40, Michael Imhof Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86568-963-4).

„Granitowe Serce Polski“.„Granitowe Serce Polski“ is the new promotion-slogan of the Strzegom region. „The heart of Polish granite“ is the translation and makes reference to the 14 active quarries and 300 or so manufacturers employing some 4000 members of staff according to trade magazine Nowy Kamienierz in its online publication (Nr. 71, p. 24, Polish). At present a great number of small stone hearts is being distributed among the population. The slogan is a registered TM.

Caesarstone was the material of choice used by German Architect J. Mayer H. for his object by the title of Pipapo: The engineered stone piece looks somewhat akin to the surfaces used to hide or conceal sensitive data in sealed envelopes e.g. PIN-Codes.

Dry reservoir: after a half century of energy production the Lago di Lei in the Swiss Alps is being drained for maintenance work. Simon Zangger took some photos. With the help of a digital magnifying glass, details of the bottom of the lake can be discerned.

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