Mosaic in natural and engineered stone

Phoenician Arts.

Engineered stone made of natural stone meal and an adhesive resin, is available in any conceivable color. Phoenician Arts Company uses this attribute for its mosaics: if no marble is available in the desired hue, use engineered stone. This widens the horizon of design possibilities considerably and lends a vibrant liveliness to the work.

Phoenician Arts.

The company’s production site is based in Lebanon where the art of producing a facsimile in tiny stones has a very long tradition.

Phoenician Arts.

Shadi Tawil is the CEO and owner of the company. His staff counts some 85 artists who use a wide variety of motifs for their work: the spectrum ranges from well-known motifs all the way to custom made pieces according to a client’s wishes: some pieces cover entire walls or floors, some are but small elements within the frame of larger room décor.

Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel, Bahrein.

Shadi Tawil recruits artists from neighboring Syria and India and instills the necessary know-how if it isn’t already present.

The material is supplied by Lebanese producers of mosaic stones (so-called tesserae), who, in turn, purchase the raw material from all over the globe. Most of his clients are based in the USA.

Phoenician Arts

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