Forum: Securing wealth and good fortune for your home with natural stone

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Times are better than ever for innovative marketing strategies in natural stone.
In countries which were not affected by the financial crisis, the middle class has liquid cash due to low interest rates on saving funds. In fact, interest rates are lower than the inflation rate, and even if investing in the stock market is a viable alternative, its reputation has suffered considerably.

This is where the natural stone branch should recognize its unique opportunity: natural stone is expensive but worth the investment. Those willing to purchase natural stone components for their kitchen or bathroom will see a healthy return on the investment once the real estate is up for sale (or when it is time to pass on the wealth to the next generation).

Let us turn to the USA: the real estate boom in the 1990ies kicked off a hitherto unforeseen demand for granite kitchen counter tops. Vendors advertised their ware with the lasting value and high return on the investment when the time came to sell.

The train of thought is not necessarily applicable in other countries, as real estate is not sold as often or as readily as is the case in the USA.

But, see above: the durability of natural stone always makes the investment worth the while. And, as far as return on investment is concerned, natural stone shows yet another positive effect: it brings good fortune.

A beautiful home with lasting values is one, in which dwellers are happy and proud to have treated themselves to the added value.

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