Design: Gold and Silver for the Background

„Tracciato“ Gold. (April 2009) Let us present the most costly first. This time around, we will be presenting Products by Walker Zanger, the US-luxury-label for tiles. „Tracciato“ is the name of the new collection, incorporating marble, limestone… as well as gold and silver-leaf.

The patina giving the tiles their distinctive look is achieved by a complex manufacturing process: the structure on their surface is etched out of the natural stone, or, put another way, the underlying surfaces are acid-treated, leaving the design in front. This is an ancient method formerly used in the production of stone lithography blocks.

There are two variations of the „Tracciato“ collection: an artdeco style, in which the elevated surfaces form-interlocked rings. The background is gold leaf less than a thousandth of a millimeter thin (more precisely: 0,1 micrometers). Silverleaf may also be chosen.

The second production line shows a traditional design in front of a silver backdrop. There are also tiles without patterns of gold or silver on marble or limestone. All „Tracciato“ products are hand crafted by Italian craftsmen. Each piece is a unique work of art subsequently waxed and polished to obtain a glossy finish.

In comparison two other collections by Walker Zanger appear almost humble. Mosaic in the „Sonja“ production, also hand made, but in Tunisia, for which marble and limestone are used and whose design is derived from the ancient tesserae or pebble-art commonly used around the Mediterranean.

And „Studio Moderne“ designed in cooperation with Michael Berman. Here, too, natural stone is used. The individual tiles measure 16″ x 16″ (40,64 cm x 40,64 cm).

Walker Zanger

Photos: Walker Zanger