Lapicida: natural stone facsimiles of luxury automobiles

Lapicida: 250 GTO Ferrari in Arabescato marble.

Imagine high-end luxury toys: Lapicida company, British specialist in exclusive stone design, now produces facsimiles of automobiles in stone for their clients.

These are not just any cars, or the facsimile from 25,000£ (30,000 €, 41,000 US-$) might end up costing more than the original. These are scaled replicas of cherished vehicles – „the ultimate boy’s toy“, according to a press release. Prices vary according to model and type of stone.

Lapicida: 250 GTO Ferrari in Arabescato marble.

Our photo shows a 250 GTO Ferrari on a 1:3.6 scale in Arabescato marble. The over-all length is 1.20 m at a mere 30,000 £ and can be viewed in London in the company’s showroom.

Lapicida: 250 GTO Ferrari in Arabescato marble.

Larger facsimiles can also be commissioned. Lapicida produces the sculptures with the aid of CNC – the NC1600 by Italian Breton Company – able to reproduce pieces of up to 25 t. Size is restricted by a block of stone from which the piece is to be carved. The CNC-machine runs some 100 hours before the raw version is ready for „several days of stonemasons’ handicraft“ by Lapicida’s specialists.

Lapicida: 250 GTO Ferrari in Arabescato marble.

Yes, we are aware that reproductions of automobiles have been on show before, most recently at Carrara’s Marble Week in 2011, where a life-size 1952 Cadillac was carved out of a single 70 t marble block.

But the British idea has one distinguishing factor: not only an eye-catcher, these pieces have a market value.


Carrara Marble Week: „Cadillac

Photos: Lapicida

Peter Kretzschmar: Automotive Vehicles.

Dresden based stone mason and sculptor Peter Kretzschmar also produced stone sculptures of automotive vehicles ranging from cars to trucks to a GDR-ambulance called Sanka, and even caterpillars.

Peter Kretzschmar: Automotive Vehicles.

Bildhauerei Kretzschmar (German)

Photos: Peter Kretzschmar

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