Latest news: Chinese Kangli Stone and Italian Antolini plan a „Stone Art Gallery” for the Asian market

Kangli’s webpage with link to Antolini. Source: screenshot.

Two of the biggest traders of natural stone with focus on luxury materials and sophisticated ideas are joining their forces with focus on the high-level-demand on the Chinese market: Kangli Stone Group, headquartered in Shenzhen in the Guangdong province, and Antolini Group from Italy signed an agreement to create a „Stone Art Gallery”. The joint venture is to introduce natural stone to architects and designers and to inspire them to use the material.

Antolini has already such a gallery in its headquarter in Sega di Cavaion close to Verona. The place is famous for the inspiration and creativity which it spurs in the visitors’ brains.

As reported in internet magazine What’s on Xiamen, the agreement was signed under the auspices of the recent Xiamen Stone Fair on March 6th, 2014. A ceremony was held in the Fair’s Conference and Exhibition Center attended by Mrs. Wang Cuixia, president of Kangli Stone Group, Mr. Zeng Zhihui, general manager of Stone Industrial Zone and Mr. Andrea, sales director of Antolini Group, together with many visitors while examples of luxury stone being exhibited.

Led by Patrick Leung, a designer from Hong Kong, the Stone Art Gallery will be developed into a resource integration platform, integrating stone materials, design, arts, information and resources, as What’s on Xiamen reports. In the future, more international design brands are expected to join the project.

Kangli and Antolini have been in cooperation since some time. On Antolini’s webpage is mentioned a company’s showroom in Shuitou, Fujian under the name of the Chinese partner. Kangli has large fabricating facilities in that town

What’s on Xiamen

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(11.03.2014, USA: 03.11.2014)

Photo from the ceremony. Source: What’s on Xiamen.Photo from the ceremony. Source: What’s on Xiamen.