Beatriz Cunha: „Organs related to anatomy and sometimes to the history of art or music“

Beatriz Cunha: „Heart“, limestone.

Answering our questions, Beatriz Cuhna writes: „The empty spaces are where I find myself, the torsion, the representation of our evolution as conscious beings. Hence the twisting and perforating of shapes, through the rock, looking into the body, the depiction of organs used allegorically, sometimes referring to the anatomy, other times to the history of art or music.”

Beatriz Cunha: „Kondylos“, marble.

Beatriz Cunha: „Tubiporos“, marble.

„At first glance, my pieces seem inspired by nature and they are to some extent, but in fact emerge from an inner search for answers to my concerns over human nature, the psychology of relationships between nature, spirituality and our position in the universe as human beings.“

Beatriz Cunha: „Kolyledon“, marble.

Beatriz Cunha: „Methabase“, marble.

„Comparing the infinitely small to the infinitely large, equating the place where we belong and what role we play as a species, in an equilibrium disturbed by our presence but of which we are part.“

Beatriz Cunha: „Fetus“, marble.

„The challenge of using different media is and always was part of the pleasure I get when I’m working. The organic part of the job is also important, I like to use my physical energy to produce the works and possibly choosing stone is related to this. Stone is a material that is highly resistant to intervention, exploring the way to execute an idea is a great challenge, a challenge that I need to express both my creative and physical energies.“

Beatriz Cunha: „Kidney“, wood.

Beatriz Cunha originally comes from Lisbon where she studied. Already in her kindergarten-years she formed shapes with her hands, she wrote us. Her parents encouraged her creativity allowing it to develop freely without restrictions. During a short stay in Africa she learned to observe and behold nature. Her artistic career began in jewelry design and led her to sculpting in the 1990’s.

Beatriz Cunha

Photos: Beatriz Cunha

Beatriz Cunha.

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