Marble or granite speaker-boxes extend the horizon of living architecture

Architettura Sonora: „Short Cylinder“, granite.

The idea behind Italian company Architettura Sonora’s speaker-boxes was to incorporate state-of-the-art sound experience in architecture and landscaping using natural stone and terracotta.

Architettura Sonora: „Cube“, travertine.

With natural material from the crust of the Earth, a bit of the great out-doors is brought into a building or becomes part of a culinary experience.

Note that these speaker-boxes are powerful enough to fill a disco with sound, yet so reserved that they are hardly noticeable. Designed as simple cube or cylinder with a stainless steel base, the eye could overlook them entirely.

Architettura Sonora: „Cylinder“, granite.

Whether background sounds are pleasant or disturbing must be tested on site. But as far as the optical impression is concerned, the boxes are subordinate and unobtrusively integrate themselves in the still life.

Architettura Sonora: „Sphere“, travertine.

But the background sounds are not to be compared to shopping mall muzak: „Our compositions are strongly connected to the ‘genius loci’, they want to create a narrative, tell a story, add a layer to the territory which is part of it.” Architettura Sonora works closely together with artists and composers to this end.

Architettura Sonora: „Cube“, Zebrino marble (left); „Sphere“, Rainforest marble (right).

The types of stone or terracotta implemented are an essential part of the sound the boxes emanate which is reflected by the sound according to  Claudia Stortini: „Terracotta, Marble, Granite, etc … are all excellent vehicles for sound, and they sound different from each other, some are warmer, some are brighter…”
And, last but not least, natural stone guarantees maximum durability even for out-door use.

Architettura Sonora

Photos: Architettura Sonora

Architettura Sonora: „Yoyo“, terracotta (left); „Yoyo“, Bianco Carrara marble (right).(11.04.2014, USA: 04.11.2014)