Art: Thoughts on the path through the brain

Canadian Marble on Vatican Marble. (March 2009) These winding shapes embrace an element of the unexpected, which the artist Somers Randolph passes on to his sculptures: they seemingly flow, while intertwining like snakes, only to pick up the train of inspiration at just the right moment before once again plunging into convolutions.

All of a sudden the observer realizes what the American sculptor is creating out of alabaster, marble and other natural stone: these are trains of thought, good thoughts, just like those tumbling about in ones head, undulating into knots and untangling when pondering a difficult problem, or undoing themselves when taking a deep breath and letting go for a moment and returning to the creative convolutions of the original train of thought.

How wonderful to watch the 6-foot artist clasp one of the tiny sculptures between his fingertips to carefully guide it to the camera lens. Somers enjoys performing this ritual professionally for visitors and journalists alike.

The autopresentation on Somer’s webpage begins „I am one of those few lucky people in this world who are blessed to spend their working lives doing exactly what they want to do“.

We have nothing to ad except to refer our readers to the website, where they can read up on the artist’s life:

Homepage Somers Randolph

Somers Jewelry

Fotos: Wendy McEahern Photography/Somers Randolph