Briefly noted

A memorial in honor of the victims of Norway’s Utøya massacre will be erected according to a draft by the artist Jonas Dahlberg. It splits a small peninsula in two. Underground, a passage allows access to the rock where the names of the victims are engraved – so close yet so unbelievably far away.   

Shoes with marble pattern on the sole or the vamp are available (1, 2).

An eye made of blue, white and black natural stone can be seen on the website of Antonio Rosales of Spain.    

Famous for stone trinkets: Italian EDG Eride de Guerra Company.

How to turn insulation into decorative eye-catchers is demonstrated by Swedish design-studio by the name Form us With Love under the trade name „Baux“.    

Manifold information from the field of Earth Sciences can be found on the portal.

Lundhs Cup 2014.The 2014 Xiamen Stone Fair was once again the venue of the Lundhs Cup awards. This time 3 international teams played off at a show soccer-tournament: the Norway Vikings, the Brazil Samba and the China Dragon. Brazil took home the cup, understandably since the world champion Cafu was present at the fair in view of the World Cup to be held in Brazil this year. Organizers of the event including casual evening get-together were once again the Norwegian Lundhs Natural Stone Company (1, Video).

Statues of Asian deities are available online in the USA.    

London is about to see an explosion in the number of tall buildings“ according to Think Tank New London Architecture published in a study (1, 2).

Video of the month: birds which practice architectural design are called Bowerbirds and most entertaining: the Lyrebird able to imitate a chainsaw (1, 2).

(18.04.2014, USA: 04.18.2014)