Design: Vase with a difference

„Shifting Vase“(March 2009) How is this possible? Is the question which immediately springs to mind, and on second thought, the cognisance that it cannot be. The „shifting vase“ designed by Isolation Unit in Osaka is composed of several rings stacked one above the other, which can be rearranged at will, seemingly unsuited as a water receptacle, as one would expect the water to seep out.

The fact that this is not so, is a tribute the Japanese art of Ikebana: only the bottom segment of the vase contains water (enough to supply the stems with sufficient fluid to stay fresh), so that the segments thereabove can be stacked creatively. Moreover the single elements can be rearranged and assembled freely in order to fit your favourite flowers or your individual mood.

Of course this is dalliance but nevertheless original as it breaks with what the beholder traditionally expects of a vase.

The designer pieces are handmade by a craftsman in the Japanese Kagawa Prefecture. Initially turned and honed of a solid piece, the vase shape is then hollowed out and finally cut into five segments of identical height. The materials chosen are marble or granite.

Another unusual piece of design conceived by the same atelier is a leaning water glass resembling the Tower of Pisa.

Isolation Unit

Photos: Takumi Ota Photography